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Younger Optics

Younger Optics is one of the world’s largest privately-held ophthalmic lens manufacturers. It is devoted to helping people see better. It all began over 65 years ago in the home garage of Irving Rips in Los Angles. Irving had a vision to create an invisible line bifocal lens that wouldn’t give away the wearer’s age with its tell-tale lines on the lens. This desire led Irving Rips to develop the world’s first ‘seamless bifocal’ optical lens which was launched in 1955. Younger Optics – so named because the new lenses would make the wearer look younger – was born.

Younger Optics went on to be awarded world’s best optical manufacturer in 1966, launched a NASA anti-fog lens cleaner in 1968, and released aspheric lenses and progressive lenses in the 1970s.

Today Younger Optics is a global leader in prescription polarized sunglass lenses with the NuPolar brand lenses. The patented NuPolar technology, far reaching reputation and consistent reliability has positioned NuPolar as the polarized lens of choice for eyecare professionals globally. With the widest range of colours, lens styles and lens materials on the market, wearer needs and preferences can be met. Trusted to deliver long lasting quality, eyecare professionals are confident wearers consider NuPolar to be good value for money and will be satisfied with their polarized lens choice.

Younger Optics is also a leader in speciality lenses with a slew of innovative lens solutions to meet both common and uncommon wearer vision needs.

Younger Optics
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