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Are you feeling the recruitment pinch? You're not the only one.

If you're currently struggling to hire Optical Dispensers, you're not alone. It's the topic on everyone's lips. So with this in mind, did you know our ODA Jobs Board is one of our most frequently visited pages on our website?

Open to anyone nationwide looking to list or search for an Optical Dispensing and Affiliated Staffing position around Australia. Our Jobs Board listings are a hot commodity and enable employers a space to publish job offers for a vacant position, while allowing potential staff to view and apply for positions of interest to them.

New listings are regularly added from all over the country. ODA Partners, Qualified and Affiliate Members can post listings for free and anyone outside of the ODA community can post for just $49 (incl. GST). Find the ODA Jobs Board and other employment related information under the Employment Tab of our website

In this month's Insight Ophthalmic News you can also read ODA CEO - April Petrusma's contribution to an article on staff shortages. The full article can be found here

Here's a little snippet with some top tips on hiring:

It’s clear the dynamics have changed. Petrusma says it is no longer a case of the employee being lucky to have a job, but, in fact, employers being fortunate to have good staff. This is placing power in the hands of potential candidates, and practices need to think about how they adapt.

While there are several policy-level measures that can be undertaken longer term, there are some practical approaches for savvy optical business owners to attract quality candidates.

“If your approach doesn’t change, you can’t expect the outcome to. The employer should be adopting a more creative approach,” Petrusma adds, providing the below tips:

  • Offer a career not just a job. This means demonstrating that you’re willing to invest in a candidate’s career by offering professional development opportunities.

  • Sell the benefits not the ‘must haves’. Think about why someone would want to work for you rather than the practice next door and promote it. Rather than demands like: “Must be available Saturdays” – make it sound positive instead: “Great work life balance with no Sunday’s required.”

  • Carefully consider the salary on offer. Is the amount you are offering consistent with someone that is searching for a long-term role that will grow with you and stick around for five to 10 years? Or is the wage symbolic of a stop gap job to pay the bills and nothing more?

  • Think outside the square beyond the mainstream job advertising platforms – in addition to SEEK and INDEED, businesses can advertise on their own social media accounts, on industry forums, on industry specific jobs boards and through industry specific recruitment specialists.

  • Don’t be afraid to spend money during the recruitment process. A small cost incurred for placement of a job ad or enlisting the services of a recruitment specialist will be returned in buckets if the right employee is found. Doing nothing for fear of spending money will only hinder the outcome.


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