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7 Sights in 7 Days Challenge

It's World Glaucoma Week from 6-12 March, and our friends at Glaucoma Australia are on a mission to provide sight saving education, support and advocacy to people with glaucoma and their families. Find, Snap and Share 7 amazing sights in your neighbourhood whilst you fundraise to end glaucoma blindness. By taking part you’ll not only raise vital funds for specialised patient support services that improve treatment outcomes and prevent vision loss, but you’ll also spread the word on how important it is to Treat Your Eyes to regular check-ups.

The 7 Sights in 7 Days Challenge is all about appreciating our precious peepers. Look at what you can see! How amazing is that sight? Imagine not seeing that ever again, because you didn't find out you had glaucoma until it was too late.

Introducing the 7 sights!

We have created seven ‘themes’ to inspire our 7 Sights Challengers. So, get out there, Find, Snap and Share to help take glaucoma out of the picture.

We are on a sight-saving mission and need your help. Every snap taken, every sight shared reminds us of how precious our eyesight really is. Your fundraising efforts will help end glaucoma blindness through early detection, better treatment outcomes and ground-breaking research.


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