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We have Launched!

It is official! Optical Dispensers Australia (ODA) is ready. It has been quite a journey to get us to this day! But we are here and we are beaming with excitement and joy for what we hope ODA can offer this amazing industry and community of ours.

Get to know the faces behind ODA

This is not a one person show, nor will it ever be. We hope to respectfully and wholly represent our Optical Dispensing community, and as such need to hear and be the voices of many. In order to achieve this we have not only two permanent paid staff on hand, dedicated to keep things running, but we also have an amazing collection of volunteer Advisory Board Members from all areas and levels of our industry to help steer us through our inaugural year at Optical Dispensers Australia.

May we introduce you to the faces behind Optical Dispensers Australia.

We are looking for one more face to add to our Advisory Board line up. If you are as passionate and dedicated to our optical community as we are, and you are willing and eager to stand up and voice your opinions and advocate for our industry, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch via the Contact Us page, or email us directly at with your resume and a cover letter explaining why you would be a great addition to our Optical Dispensers Australia Advisory Board.


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