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What is CPD and why do we care in an unregulated profession?

Completing your Cert IV or successfully completing your workplace training is a learning milestone. It equips you with the knowledge to begin your career and is also the start of the next journey – your continuing development as an eyecare and eyewear professional.

Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to the work-related learning and development that continues throughout the course of your career. For some professions (like Optometry), CPD is mandatory and is required in order to maintain a licence or registration. For others (like Optical Dispensing), it is optional but no less important. CPD is a key mechanism in maintaining professional standards, relevance and currency within your vocation.

CPD covers a wide range of professional development options. It can involve activities such as participation in short courses, webinars, attendance at conferences and workshops and more. The purpose is to ensure your skills and knowledge are up to date, you continue to learn as the industry changes and you are well equipped with the most current skill set.

At ODA we are huge advocates for CPD so you can be the best you can be and are currently putting together a diverse 2022 program. Our Webinar Wednesdays (the last Wednesday of every month) can be undertaken in the comfort of your own home. In addition, watch this space for announcements coming soon for some hands on and face to face options.


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