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Grab a Tax Deduction with ODA Membership

June is here… and so is tax time. Did you know your Optical Dispensers Australia (ODA) Membership is a possible tax deduction?

Depending on your work and individual circumstances, there are many common deductions you might not be aware of, including work-related travel expenses, clothing and dry-cleaning, working from home expenses, field-relevant studies, any charitable donations you make, plus any work-related subscriptions or membership fees – including your ODA Membership subscription. If you’re not ready to pay for a full year’s membership, you will be interested to know that ODA Memberships are now also available in a pay by the month instalment plan. All memberships are valid for 12 months from purchase, and grant you access to an eye watering number of resources on the ODA website, including but not limited to, the ODA CPD Webinar program. With multiple membership options, and now multiple ways to pay, there’s no better time to become an ODA Member.

Keep in mind that there are some limitations to what you can claim as a tax deduction, and allowable deductions will vary, depending on your individual circumstances – so make sure you read up on the Australian Taxation Office’s official guidelines or go to a qualified tax agent for personalised support.


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