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Great Engagement From Optical Dispensers at WA's Signature Optometry Conference

Optical Dispensers Australia (ODA) joined forces with Optometry Western Australia (OWA) to offer a dedicated in-person dispensing stream at WAVE 2024 in Fremantle on Saturday 16th March.

This was a first time collaboration for Western Australia’s signature optometry conference, with ODA hosting a full day of learning and engagement for optical dispensers.

The program was not only informative but also incredibly engaging, leaving a lasting impact on all the delegates.

The day included a wide range of topics to suit a variety of levels of experience and even included engagement in physical experiments with a hands-on exploration of the science of light. The event concluded with an interactive presentation combining optometry and dispensing delgates together to better understand addressing patients non-tolerance problems.

*WAVE 2024 + ODA pictures by Pete Gardner Photography.

The full program included:

  • Todd Spencer  (CR Labs) : Understanding VR and lens technology

  • Dr Danuta Sampson (UWA) : Let's get hands on with "Tour de Optics"

  • Shiva Taghvaei (Safilo) : Visual Merchandising 

  • Belinda Musitano (Eyes@Optometry) : 7 Tips to successful practice management

  • Joanne Scott-Dostine (Opticare) : The big picture of lens design

  • Chedy Kalach (ACOD) : Dispensing for industrial safety 

  • Jason Bowen (Zeiss) : Changes in the consumer journey over the years

  • Dominique Jorgensen (UWA / ODA) : Professional frame selection

  • Nicola Peaper (Rodenstock) : Solving patients non-tolerance questions

During the breaks, delgates from both the optometry and dispensing streams came together in the trade area to connect with exhibitors and make new connections.

Evan MacRae, CEO of Optometry WA has described the event as a "truly outstanding weekend".