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O=MEGA23 Wrap Up

We had an absolute blast in Melbourne attending the O=MEGA23 Trade Fair and 4th World Congress of Optometry. Our experience truly cemented our feelings on how incredibly proud we are to be part of such a great industry.

We had the pleasure of meeting existing and new ODA Members at our exhibitor booth, we caught up with ODA Partners, made new connections and friends, trialed lots of new technology and learned about all the latest in lenses and eyewear trends.

There was barely a moment where we weren't selling ODA shop merch (most of which sold out) or where we were deep in conversation at our table. A topic highlight being the 'Save the Date' for the ODA Gala and Make Your Own Eyewear Workshops coming to Melbourne in March 2024.

And if you were lucky enough to make it to one of April's dispensing masterclasses (which was standing room only on Saturday) you would have learnt all about "Understanding lens and lifestyle needs for patients with Presbyopia."

A big thank you to everyone that made our weekend such a roaring success. We're looking forward to bringing you some of the new resources and benefits we now have in the works off the back of the event.


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