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ODA and CR Labs new Partnership

Announcing ODA’s newest Partner - CR Surfacing Laboratories !!!

We had the privilege of touring the cutting-edge CR Lab facilities in person, in Melbourne on Tuesday, 24th October 2023 and we got to meet the whole team, from office staff to warehouse staff.

From our very first interaction with CR Labs it was evident how passionate and proud they are of the Australian optical industry, and the achievements they have reached as a company since their foundation in 1976.

CR Lab's mission is to help Australians and the world see better through cutting edge technologies, high quality products and trustful relationships. Our success is ensured through providing superior quality products and services, exceptional value for money, and relentless agility to adapt to the ever-changing customer needs.

Needless to say we are excited about this collaboration and are very much looking forward to the future and where we can both take this partnership.